Seasonal Selling Considerations

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fall-leaves-1514873-1280x960In most areas of the country, spring and early summer present the most favorable set of conditions for achieving every seller’s ultimate goal — getting the house under contract in the shortest amount of time for the greatest possible price. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always allow a seller to wait for the spring market.

Listing a home in the fall presents unique challenges for sellers, so plan accordingly. 

If you find yourself needing to put your home on the market in the fall, don’t despair. You’ll just need to plan accordingly. We’ve put together the following list of seasonal considerations to keep in mind, as well as a few things you can do to get your home under contract quickly, at a price you can be satisfied with.

• The fall market is characterized by reduced inventory and fewer buyers. In addition to other new fall listings, you will be competing against homes that didn’t sell in the spring and summer and those sellers are now initiating price cuts (sometimes deep) and offering incentives

• Fall is traditionally considered a buyer’s market for the reasons noted above and sellers may need to be more willing to negotiate on price and concessions than they may have been in the spring. However, this doesn’t mean you should ‘up’ the list price! Instead, price it accurately and spend wisely on pre-listing repairs and aesthetic updates so that the home is meticulously presented and clearly demonstrates great value for the buyer.

• More than any time of year, homes listed in the fall must be purposefully prepared and impeccably presented. Making your home stand out among competing listings should be your primary objective.

• Listing in the fall means you can’t take advantage of green grass and flowers in full bloom for those all-important listing photos. Plan ahead, if you can. Take exterior photos before the leaves fall off the trees, capture the colorful fall foliage, add fresh, black mulch to flower beds and around trees, place potted mums on the porch, and add a seasonal wreath to the front door… whatever it takes to say, “Welcome Home!”

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