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Our new home continues to be the best part of each day

Stacey’s approach to helping us was one of ease, comfort and friendship. As we looked at houses we told her our wishes, listened to her expertise, and laughed as we explored the many options. With Stacey’s help we found a home that we love, and one that continues to be the best part of each day!

She helped us in every step of our long distance process

Betsy was excellent in all phases of our search for a home for our grad school daughter. She was knowledgeable about our needs as far as location and price range and helped us in every step of our long distance process, right up through closing. In addition, she has been an invaluable source of information for our daughter during her first year in Columbia and has become a friend to all of us! I can’t recommend her highly enough!!

They made our buying experience enjoyable.

Buying our first home together, we only had an inkling of the things we would need and want in a home. Stacey and Betsy not only took the time to get to know us and truly understand us, but made our buying experience enjoyable. They answered every question we had thoroughly and promptly. I would recommend each of them with out hesitation, as Realtors and as a Friends.

We will ABSOLUTELY be a repeat customer!

As a first-time homebuyer I couldn’t imagine having any better an experience. Very conscientious of our time. Professional, insightful and extremely determined to find the PERFECT home we had been looking for! We will ABSOLUTELY be a repeat customer.